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5 Ways to Feel More Secure in Your Relationship

   21.10.2018  1 Comments

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Abraham Hicks - Relationships - Feelings of insecurity in relation to your partner's freedom

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Feeling secure in a relationship

By Lea Rose Emery May 4 If you're someone who's used to being single, it can be difficult to feel secure in your relationship. Your car is crap. Self-assurance comes from starting to relax with uncertainty. There are always some difficulties, but keep focussing on what is good. Sometimes people worry about stupid things or things that just don't matter to you— like that your partner doesn't make enough money, comes from a broken home, or they just aren't into to their tastes. If someone is in a relationship where they are not given fuel, their fire will grow smaller. You deserve to feel loved and secure and with someone who helps you keep your fire burning, without draining you of your fuel. Your insecurities can come from the successes of your partner. Wanting to be absolutely close and intimate all the time is like wanting an aeroplane to never make a sound or a movement. The Kinsey Institute found 90 percent of couples thought touching was "very" or "extremely" important in building intimacy. Feeling secure in a relationship

Feeling secure in a relationship

Feeling secure in a relationship

Feeling secure in a relationship

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