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Linus Rosenauer A Androgynous From Russia

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The front cover had Nixon and the back cover had JFK, however, the back cover was printed upside down so that it opened with the binding on the left as if it was a front cover! She also thought that my coming out in the workshop was a very big deal and she gave me a lot of credit for doing so. When I planned this visit, I thought it would be like spitting in the eye of the Church of Rome. After I came out, my workshop mates seemed friendlier to me. For dessert, I hit the vending machine and had a strawberry Pop-Tart. My parents never mentioned my breasts, but they did buy me weights and barbells so I could work out and shed my "baby fat. Femulate




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  1. I took the elevator back down and walked to 5th Avenue. It was thinking outside the box and it was so far out there that opened my mind to thinking outside the box, too

  2. Sunday, June 14, good morning I am sitting in my hotel room early Sunday morning sipping my first cup of coffee with random thoughts flowing through my head.

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