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The Wedding Frame

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Top 15 As Told by Ginger Episodes

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How did as told by ginger end

Through Ginger, Courtney is able to view how the world works outside of the popular clique. Niki as Diane raises her hand first, saying that she and Doctor Dave are still in love, proving it with the photo of "Diane" tripping herself and falling into the Doc's arms. She also doesn't realize how badly Orion is blue-balling right now. Also, I'm really going to be stretching my time out for this new blog. How did as told by ginger end

How did as told by ginger end

How did as told by ginger end

How did as told by ginger end

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  1. Ginger is a favorite of her English teacher, Ms. Contents [ show ] History Ginger was not considered "popular" until Courtney Gripling , the stereotypical "school diva", decided to befriend her. Zorski visits Ginger in the hospital.

  2. Courtney's best friend who hates Ginger as she sees her as threat to her friendship with Courtney and her crush on Ian Richton. He doesn't recognize "Diane" at all, and then she bursts into tears, embarrassing the hell out of Doctor Dave, who then takes her out for coffee to calm her ass down.

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