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The 20 Best Female Revenge Movies of All Time

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Jennifer Pan’s revenge on her 'Tiger Parents'

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College girl revenge

Could be The ending sequence adds even more points to the overall unhinged impression of the film and proves that the seemingly peaceful Yuko had a last lesson to teach. You are, in part, in this heightened reality, where an almost comic book superhero logic rules the day — like, these relatively small, young girls have extraordinary strength when they take on these much larger, male assailants, all from one summer of training! With Nate, there is a story of a young man, an entitled person with a very good life, and who is in all other aspects actually a pretty good guy, but he took what he wanted and he did something that was black-and-white assault but that he saw as gray. But there are exceptions to every rule and the women on this list just had enough repression and oppression on their plates. I dare you. Filmed in under the title The April Fool but not released until , Killer Party is three films rolled into one. Friday Saturday Claim: I wish that there was just a little bit more, that they dug a little bit deeper, if they are going to have a female character go through that. College girl revenge

College girl revenge

College girl revenge

College girl revenge

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  1. The heroine is mostly silent and remains passive towards every single event that drives her even deeper into hopelessness. How do you feel about humanizing this character? What was the original seed of this idea for you?

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