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Sexy, Prom Hairstyles

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Sexy prom hair

Getty Here is a half-n-half hairstyle in which the puffy crown with high twisted bun is teamed with relaxed waves having curly ends. Pro tip: Finish with shine spray all over. We'll deal with them later. Mist the entire look with hairspray to keep it in place while you're tearing it up on the dance floor. Create a deep side part, then blow dry strands straight with a paddle brush. First create a front side part on dry hair and gather a small section of hair at the top. Sleek Straight Layers with Puffy Top: Sexy prom hair

Sexy prom hair

Sexy prom hair

Sexy prom hair

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  1. Shiny and Highly Textured Waves with Highlights: Ready to sizzle the prom party! Pin hair in place with bobby pins and set with strong-hold hairspray.

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