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Julie Anne San Jose - Tayong Dalawa (Official Music Video)

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San jose adult music

Our location is convenient to and we have many students from Presentation High, Schallenberger, and others. Kagawa is an opera singer, choral conductor, and educator, and she started her career in her native Japan. All our teachers have either college training or professional performance experience. We specialize in working with children and beginners. Kagawa holds several undergraduate and graduate degrees in music, and she is a graduate of Kunitachi College of Music in Tokyo and San Francisco Conservatory of Music in California. Accelerate Piano Program. We are OPEN 7 days a week. The studio accepts students of any age and skill level, and the owner and teacher is a seasoned performer, who began her career in her native Russia. San jose adult music

San jose adult music

San jose adult music

San jose adult music

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  1. Guitar, Voice and piano classes in ONE location! The facility welcomes people of any ability level, and it provides a warm and encouraging atmosphere that helps students sharpen their talent and skills. Classes are designed for adults who are new to piano or play a little.

  2. Saturday lessons are pm, Sunday lessons from A history of delighted customers and outstanding service. The team consists of qualified and devoted teachers, and the facility maintains a fun, relaxed, and supportive atmosphere that allows the students to express themselves artistically and reach their dream of performing.

  3. And, becomes one of the most motivating benefits of helping students become lifelong learners or music.

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