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Childrens' stories come to life - The Giantess in the Mountain

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The Amulet Ch 1

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Stories giantess

Aside from that, Dash starts to die from drought, as her body does not seem capable of drinking anymore. Right now she was walking down the streets of Vale as she was going to buy so new clothes. Can he escape the ravenous hunger of his best friend, who is entirely naive to his dire situation… … or will he be devoured completely? Witches are free to enjoy an easier life than most, and so long as she isn't smitten by the Goddess, a Witch can use her magic as she sees fit thanks to the extra boons granted to them through the Goddess. Only they were 60 feet tall and were crushing everything in their path. Nobody were even close to being as tall as her and she made damn sure that they know that. But first, she stops at her favorite cafe to meet up with her best friend Max. Government offices, military leaders, wealthy V. But without using "Screw science, I have magic" I could not find any explanation for why a shrunken Rainbow is not generating her own gravity field and eventually collapsing like a neutron star and swallowing Equestria in a black hole. Stories giantess

Stories giantess

Stories giantess

Stories giantess

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  1. Yang, bloody and broken now could only watch as her teammates drank the liquid dust, and when they were done her eyes widen again and her jaw hit the ground.

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