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Full Moon Parties in Thailand

   29.09.2018  4 Comments

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Full moon party beach name

Although not officially full moon parties, the Christmas and New Year's Eve parties are the largest, sometimes drawing a crowd of 30, or more travelers to Thailand during the high season. There is a very wide spectrum of music ranging from trance, to drum and bass, to reggae. Having seen multiple people with bandages from burns on their feet, legs, and arms, I spared myself the exciting experience. The gorgeous island, located in the Gulf of Thailand, is home to dense jungles, picturesque beaches, and a myriad of hippie-inspired backpacker hotels. All such holy days are completely dry, with no alcohol sales anywhere in the country. If you decide to fly, flights from Surat Thani generally cost around 2, baht with taxes and fees from Bangkok on Air Asia. Full moon party beach name

Full moon party beach name

Full moon party beach name

Full moon party beach name

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  1. It is extremely inadvisable to accept any food, drink or other ingestible items offered to you by a stranger. This is to stop the noise pollution which has become a constant source of irritation for the islanders. Make sure your footwear is cheap and easily replaceable, though, so that losing it is not a big problem.

  2. Just another way to get more money from you! However, selling and consuming drugs is illegal and billboards throughout the island warn visitors of the dire consequences prison time or the death penalty of being caught with substances.

  3. About once a month, around 30, partiers converge on the crescent-shaped Haad Rin beach for a single night of debauchery under the bright moonlit sky. And now there are 10,, people at the party each month.

  4. By , this party was squarely on the travel map, and hordes of young people inspired by the movie The Beach flocked to Koh Phangan , where the party is held.

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