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How to Know if Your Bird is Male or Female

   29.07.2018  3 Comments

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Cockatiel Gender Identification l Cockatiel Gender difference l Male & Female Cockatiel

Video about how to tell male or female cockatiel:

How to tell male or female cockatiel

Female and male cockatiel share egg incubation and chick-rearing duties. Individual characteristics Each female will definitely have her own personality. Cockatiel's Health. On a female, the face mask is either the same color as the rest of the body or very close to it. Pearls Some sources confidently state that male pearls always lose their pearl markings during their juvenile molt but I've recently read that some breeders have developed male pearl birds who do not lose their markings at adulthood or who lose them slowly over a period of years. Here's a list of some species that have obvious enough gender differences to easily tell the male from the female without resorting to medical testing: How to tell male or female cockatiel

How to tell male or female cockatiel

How to tell male or female cockatiel

How to tell male or female cockatiel

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  1. When they reach the puberty, the males start to produce more melanin — dark color pigments — reaching a colder tone to their plumage. She will generally lay one egg every two days until she has several, perhaps up to five although the exact pattern may not match this.

  2. On the left, you can see that the male cockatiels have rather simple wing feathers. They're also the ones who can more easily be taught to talk although there's no guarantee

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