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A Guide To Surviving Vietnamese Weddings

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Matthew and Truc Ly's Traditional Vietnamese Wedding in Sydney, Australia - Same Day Edit

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Vietnamese wedding etiquette

Western traditions during the event, such as cake cutting and the first dance, may also occur during the reception. The groom's mother will then put each piece on the bride for good fortune. However, some Vietnamese families, especially Catholic ones, will reserve the exchange of wedding bands for the separate ceremony the church or other Western marriage ceremony. Refreshments prepared by the future bride's side are made ready to be served to the other family members. These symbols and color choices are similar to that of many Asian cultures. Some of the gifts brought in will be placed on the ancestral altar. The couple, knowing about our European understanding of weddings, took us to a bar afterwards. Great diligence seemed to be spent on the distribution of the guests over the many big tables in the hall. Vietnamese wedding etiquette

Vietnamese wedding etiquette

Vietnamese wedding etiquette

Vietnamese wedding etiquette

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