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Why do I get pimples when I shave?

   19.08.2018  4 Comments

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Want to Prevent Razor Bumps? Learn How to Minimize Ingrown Hairs - Gillette

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Pimples on face after shaving

Shave with a light hand. Beyond the carrier oils, aftershave balms also contain natural ingredients like witch hazel. It is best to avoid running a razor over a pimple. However, shaving can cause also acne. What have you found that works for you? A beard oil will help help the razor glide along your skin, rather than pulling on it. Choose a high quality razor. Using a beard wash like this one can be a huge help to solving your problem of acne after shaving. When you shave with multi-blade razors, the first blades cut the hair above the skin line while the following blades cut the hair below the skin line. Always keep your razor clean. Pimples on face after shaving

Pimples on face after shaving

Pimples on face after shaving

Pimples on face after shaving

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  1. If you currently use a cartridge razor and suffer from irritation, it may be best to switch to an electric or safety razor — test out different razors to find the one that suits your skin! The retinoid creams help to remove dead skin cells and unclog your pores, helping prevent future acne outbreaks. The image on the right shows the bottom of a foil electric razor.

  2. To combat these razor bumps, men have used alternative tools to get around this discomfort which we will cover in just a minute. Before Shaving Take sanitary measures.

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