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Rolex Serial Numbers with Production Dates

   26.10.2018  1 Comments

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Rolex dating

In , Rolex began laser-engraving the serial number on the inner bezel, or dial rehaut, as well as between the lugs of the 6 o'clock side of the case. From , Rolex started to also engrave the serial number on the inside case rehaut which is found between the dial and the crystal. The Rolex serial no database below should give you a reasonably accurate idea of the year of your Rolex. In , the company switched to only engraving the serial number on the inner bezel, as this is much harder to counterfeit. Every genuine Rolex has a unique serial number. I have therefore compiled a more accurate Rolex serial number database below, for everyone to use, from utilising highly accurate and trusted data. Rolex dating

Rolex dating

Rolex dating

Rolex dating

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