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Dreads without wax

This method still takes time to get nice tight dreads. In conclusion: If you examine a mature dread properly started with wax and one started without it the only difference is the number of months it took and the level of tightness it reached. Once a week should be sufficient. Do not comb or style your hair. No wax will be added or worked in. Each dread is tightly palm rolled or twisted for a minute. Our Locticians have found that most people don't wish to do the hard work though, so the resulting dreadlocks are generally not looking the best. The most important things to decide are: Only a small amount needs to be used. Dreads without wax

Dreads without wax

Dreads without wax

Dreads without wax

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5 thoughts on “How to Make No Wax Dreads for All Hair Types – Natural / Neglect Method

  1. It's easy to see that the hair is always free to move and compress during palm rolling , which is when the knots tighten. They must not wet or wash their hair for 6 months and continue to roll each day, they usually wear a head scarf or bandana, to protect the dreads from dirt getting in and keep them sacred.

  2. Each dread is tightly palm rolled or twisted for a minute. Starting at the nape of the neck, comb each section backward, starting close to the scalp and working toward the ends, to create a tight rats-nest of hair.

  3. Maybe you been convinced that hair that has locked with the assistance of Dread Wax is only glued together, and not truly dreaded because it happens too fast-and only time can dread hair? Any rational being can determine that if 10 grams of wax were added, increasing the weight of the dread by a measurable amount, and then after removal of the wax the weight returns to the original pre-wax weight, that the grams of wax are no longer there. Dreads are soft and flowing.

  4. In other words, if you feel deep down that Dread Wax ruins dreads and that it should be avoided - please feel free to avoid it - it's probably the right path for you. For Afro hair, always backcomb gently and carefully to minimize breakage.

  5. Dreadlock waxes, particularly natural ones, can help greatly in speeding up the natural locking process, help tame loose hair and untidiness and are completely safe for hair and scalp when used in sparing amounts, dissolving out of locks over several washings.

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