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Should You Date Someone With The Same Sign As You?

   05.08.2018  2 Comments

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What happens when Same Zodiac Sign people Marry or Date each other!

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Dating someone with your same zodiac sign

These two Earth signs represent stability when joined. And unless you were born with an ability to read minds or magically attract the right person on the first try, it can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack when you look for that person. One result of sharing astrological placements with your partner is that, to some extent, it was probably easy to get to know them in the early stages of your relationship. However, Libra will still go to great lengths to make sure that nothing bad ever happens in her relationship, which means that arguments are often swept under the rug. If you are dating someone of the same sign, you can avoid some of these pitfalls by identifying them up front and consciously deciding to work through them. And yes, even though you are individuals, some of your best and worst qualities will be reflected in your partner. The question is: Mutual respect is the key to this union. You'll have to be willing to rock the boat a bit so this match can come into its full potential. You might be too similar that you just clash, like stripes and polka dots. Dating someone with your same zodiac sign

Dating someone with your same zodiac sign

Dating someone with your same zodiac sign

Dating someone with your same zodiac sign

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  1. And, if you're not satisfied with that answer, you may need to go beyond your sun sign and check out your full natal chart. Libra also does well with other Libras, since they both prioritize harmony, peace, and are deeply emotional.

  2. Virgo can be very critical towards another Virgo, which only makes it harder for her to keep up this strong foundation. Sure, having the same one as your partner suggests there may have been a sense of understanding right from the start — you knew how they aimed to present themselves and vice versa. Unfortunately, wearing these rose-colored glasses only means that important things are ignored.

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