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Think brain games make you smarter? Think again, FSU researchers say

   09.06.2018  3 Comments

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Speed up your Word Find skillz!

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Do word searches make you smarter

Wally Boot is an associate professor of psychology at FSU, who used a specially designed video game to test whether people can improve overall cognitive performance by playing brain-training games or crossword puzzles: That popularity has turned the brain-training industry into a billion-dollar business. The same goes for the brain. Taking steps that make your heart and brains healthier organs such as diet and physical exercise is a good idea. Rather than hopping from screen to screen, put aside time each day to take a technology break. Do word searches make you smarter

Do word searches make you smarter

Do word searches make you smarter

Do word searches make you smarter

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  1. They Introduce and Review Vocabulary Academic vocabulary is a key to mastery of any discipline. They look really low level. New brain imaging techniques are increasingly confirming that the changes we see functionally are a result of underlying changes in chemistry and brain structure.

  2. During a typical work day, we juggle emails, to-do lists, social media feeds, and multiple assignments all at once. Not, in itself, a bad thing. There are actually quite a number of studies that have looked at crosswords, so this is not the first.

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